wpa_supplicant got an update pushed to the Arch repos at around 11AM too (if anybody else here uses Arch)

On Oct 16, 2017 15:23, "Michael C Voorhis" <mvoorhis@cs.wpi.edu> wrote:
Chuck Anderson writes:
> Because none of Fedora's updates aren't actually released yet.  They
> are built and undergoing pushing/testing now, but being a public
> distro, anyone can get them if they know where to look:

Ubuntu released a bunch of WPA-related patches a little after noontime
today, it appears.

John Stoffel:
> I'm using DD-WRT on my APs at home, but god do the web pages and
> forums suck for actually figuring out what version to run and
> whether it's patched or not.  Sigh...

Ditto for OpenWRT, it appears the project is still alive, but you'd
never know, looking at their website.  I may switch to LEDE, which
confusingly appears to be a fork of OpenWRT which is trying to merge
back with OpenWRT....?

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