Win 98 Second Edition came with Internet connection sharing, albeit with a second nic in your system. One nic connected to the cable modem, one nic connected to the hub/switch. It serves as a dhcp/proxy server, and worked flawlessly for me. Actually a good MS product that I would recommend. It probably is not installed by default, and you may have to add that component in the control panel (add/remove programs, windows setup...).

Hope that helps. I would be more than happy to provide any assistance.

Tom Carey

>Subject: [Wlug] Charter Pipeline Networking
>Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 23:14:12 -0400
>I was wondering what I am doing wrong? I have 2 PC's one with Win98 and one with WinME (I know they both suck... but beyond that). When Charter came they installed their software and modem to only one PC, (The other hadn't arrived yet). Now I am trying to network the two together, I have a HUB, and eithernet cards, and cables, is there some other piece of hardware I am missing? Or do I need some software support. In my area for charter to do anything it's 75 bucks a half hour to come out... all they left me with was a modem, and one small cord? Do I need software, or maybe just some configuration advice? Help please.
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